Frequently Asked Questions

Our Florida Delivery Services

For over 35 years Action Courier has provided our clients with excellent customer service and a peace of mind that their products will get delivered safely and on time.

Q: What are your rates?

A:  Our rates are determined by type of vehicle, miles, time and cost of fuel. We charge an additional fee for after hours and weekend deliveries. Give us a call or send an email to: for a quote.

Q: Do you deliver outside the state of Florida?

A:  Yes, whenever a shipment is too big, fragile or valuable to send with a common carrier, we travel beyond Florida. An exception to this is that our truck is not permitted to cross state lines.

Q: Do you deliver perishables such as ice cream or produce?

A:  We can deliver food items for a very short distance in our air-conditioned vehicles, just like you would take groceries home from the store. We do not have temperature controlled or refrigeration equipment.

Q: What about pharmaceuticals?

A:  We carry pharmaceuticals, lab specimens, human tissue, blood, clinical trials and more for the medical and research industries. The items are packaged by the customer in packaging appropriate for the contents. This often involves refrigerated or frozen gel packs, dry ice, or even liquid nitrogen. All packaging is provided by the shipper.

Q: Can you send a package on a flight to my mother in New York?

A:  No. Anything that goes on a commercial flight requires a lot of scrutiny by the TSA. The shipper must be “known” to the TSA, they must have an account with the airline, and their shipments are subject to screening and inspection. You should use FedEx.

Q: Is your company TSA certified?

A:  Yes, Action Courier Service is a certified Independent Air Carrier and our drivers are TSA certified to tender packages to commercial airlines. We do this by acting as an agent at Palm Beach International Airport and other South Florida airports for other Independent Air Carriers, whose customers are “known shippers” to the TSA. This is how we deliver aircraft parts, medical and surgical supplies, and time-sensitive pharmaceuticals to their flights.

Q: Do you carry animals such as pets?

A:  We are certified by the USDA as a Class H Intermediate Handler which means we are allowed to carry animals protected by the Animal Welfare Act. We carry animals used in research such as mice and ferrets. We avoid handling household pets simply because in the event of a delay by the pet owner, we have no facilities for boarding pets.

Action Courier provides "Priority Delivery" throughout Florida

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